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"And the way of peace they have not known". Rom. 3:17

"For the Kingdom of God does not consist of food or drink, but righteousness

Peace, and joy, in the Holy Spirit." Rom. 14:17

First of all, without the Holy Spirit the Kingdom of God cannot be experienced. The church world seems to make forays into the kingdom trying to extract attributes without wholly embracing the Holy Spirit. (You know teaching on the gifts without truly embracing them). It is The Holy Spirit who will lead you and guide you into all truth, whatsoever Jesus and the Father have spoken, He (the Holy Spirit) will reveal it to you. And He will give you peace. This is key. Because without peace, you aren't experiencing the Kingdom. I'm not sure it can be said that you are experiencing the true Christian experience Without It. The Prophecy in Romans 3 says that the world "did not know the way of peace." In this season believers seem to be losing their peace and succumbing to nature of the beast. If your peace isn't based in the Holy Spirit you Will lose it, because you haven't truly known "the way of peace." Just sayin'. Receive the Holy Spirit and let your peace remain.

God bless,

Pastor Rusty.

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