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Pens vs. Pasture

Daily Word - August 23rd, 2019 🐑

"I am the door. If any man enters through me, he will be saved,and will come in and go out and find pasture." John 10:9

This the ministry school of Christ. He leads you in and he leads you out. Hogs feed in a hog pen, but sheep feed in the pastures. If you wonder why you set in church year after year and still are spiritually anemic, then hear this lesson. You were meant to find nourishment in the fields. Jesus said, "I have meat to eat that you know not of." John 4:32. Jesus said, "My meat is to do the will of him who sent me." John 4:34. Have you had this food?

It is reserved for those who do his will.

Time and again I've seen people step out of their "lilly white sheep pens", and cross cultural lines and begin to hear the voice of God for the very first time. You where meant to feed in the pasture, not in the pen. "Look unto the fields for they are white unto harvest," Jesus said. You absolutely cannot learn the ministry of Christ in sterile classroom environments. At some point you have to leave the pen for the pasture "To him who overcomes,

I will give some of the hidden manna." Rev. 2:17. Has this been missing from your diet. You can have it, but I'm afraid you'll have to leave the safety of the pen to get it. There is special nourishment reserved for those who perform his will. It is withheld

from the rest. When you stop feeding in the pen like a hog and start feeding in the fields like sheep you will grow stronger and heartier.

Well enough for now, as usual God bless and keep you.

Bro. Rusty

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