"Pray without ceasing"

Daily Word - Oct. 12, 2018

Thes. 5:17.

This must seem an unreasonable request amongst Christiandom. It is said the early church was prayer conditioned not air conditioned. We attempt to move forward and make decisions without no appeal to heaven for council or guidance. If we can prosper and obtain without prayer then it's not a version of prosperity that we want. As one man once said, "I don't mind making money, I do mind how I make it." Advancement without prayer isn't advancement in the kingdom. Prayer isn't just making petition, it is the essence of all communion. If you can have communion without prayer, you didn't. Prayer isn't just communication with God, it is the incense on the altar of our hearts. (Rev. 5:8) It is upon this activity that satan makes his greatest assault. You cannot have a life of power without a life of prayer. If you do, it is because your power is only political.

Selah. - God bless. Bro. Rusty