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Prophetic word. Sea of Galilee. Night 1, Part 1 - “Be Me” says the Lord.

God is calling us to a more devoted walk. A calling isn’t just a calling, it’s is a “wearing”. A putting off if you will of all things carnal. Carnality is the breaking of a consecrated walk. No two can walk together except they agree. Agreement is a lining of oneself with that which we want to be like, or “as”.

“To be like me, you must first wear everything the same as I do. How I react, or take an understanding of a thing, then you would have to respond the same. “Like me”? How would I take this.? There is no thing greater after salvation than that one must put me “on”, become as “one”. Put me on and become as I am. My feet didn’t always respond the way one would think that I should have responded to an issue or an event. But being as “one” with my Father causes me to correct and change what I would do, to what I know He would do. How do I know what He would do? I become Him. I wear Him, I eat like Him. I therefore “know” Him.

Two things being opposite do not become one just because I have them. They become one when they are fitly jointed together. Pressed into the same, in appearance, and in function,

I walk, I talk, I become Him.

The best interest in a thing, is to become the thing. Therefore putting me on, feel me, know me. I am not far but I am near. Drink me, consume me, be as me. “

- Pastor Belinda🌹

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