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May.03.2023 - Prophetic Word - #MamaShelia (shared prophetic word - Veronika West

I received this from our dear friend Rose Sambrook, Belfast, Northern Ireland,)

“RADAPH,” a strange word I know!

I heard the Spirit say… “Beloved, My Love will hunt them down"!

… Now that moved and excited me!! Wow!!

…As I ran to my Study Bible the word "Radaph" is a Hebrew word and it means to "pursue, chase or hunt".

…The first scripture reference it gave was powerful confirmation of the word God gave me for you today,…

…Psalms 23:6 "Surely My Goodness and Mercy shall pursue "Radaph" you every single day of your life"!!

…I hear Him say to each of us today, "Beloved, My Love will hunt you down, Yes My Goodness and Mercy will pursue you, chase after you and relentlessly hunt you down every single day of your life",…

…Beloved, Watch,..As My Love and Blessings overtake you,…Yes!! chasing you right into the plans,..purposes and Destiny that I have for you,,…Ha!! My Outrageous Love will relentlessly nip at your heels,…boldly hunting and pursuing you into the place I have prepared for you even before the foundations of the Earth,…

…I say,..Look Up,…For My Grace will chase you right out of the deep Valleys you have been in,…and My Mercy will carry you up the Mountains of My Goodness, Yes!..My Great Mercy will relentlessly "Radaph" you, chasing you up the mountain of your Breakthrough and Victory…

…You See Beloved,.. I have made you for the high places given you hinds feet for easy climbing, equipping,..enabling and empowering you to overcome in every situation and circumstance.

…My Love, My Goodness and My Mercy will "Radaph" you this day,..right into a Peace-filled place where My Glory shines, where My Holy Presence dwells,…for this is a place where you will find Refreshing, Revival,… Renewal and Restoration for your Souls", says God

…Father…CHASE ME DOWN! Let Your outrageous and extravagant Love hunt me down and pursue me all the days of my life. Let your Grace Chase me out of the Valleys and out of the Caves and Let Your Mercy carry me up the Mountains of Your Goodness where I can dwell in the High Places and See what You see … and Hear what You say …Oh Father Radaph me this day that I may receive full Restoration and Refreshing for my soul…Amen

Veronika West

(I received this from our dear friend Rose Sambrook, Belfast, Northern Ireland,)

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