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Relationship - Trust - Authority

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Daily word - August 16, 2018

We have been teaching on authority and how authority comes thru our relationship with the Lord. With trust comes authority. You don’t hand the keys to your car over to your two year old. They have to grow, and as they grow you see responsibility in them and then at the right point you do hand them your car keys. The same with our Father God. Your Christian life is a learning process. Some learn faster than others. Some have gone around the mountain numerous times. But hopefully we will all advance forward to a place God will release to us the ability to walk in full Kingdom here! When we see miracles happen before our eyes it can just take your breathe away! I remember when the little girl and her mother in Nicaragua were both instantly healed from being deaf and dumb I turn to my Nicaraguan Pastor and I was so excited I was yelling “He did it! he did it! They can hear!!” At the same time he was grinning from ear to ear saying it in Spanish right back at me! We were rejoicing in the POWER of a God who is ALIVE! You instantly watch your mouth that none of the glory comes to you but that all of it goes to Him! God who is worthy! He had allowed us to function on earth as Him and with that comes responsibility of being a good example for Him to the people. You never want to touch the power of God then take any of the glory onto yourself. It is ALL His. Once you have been given the key to the car on whatever level you are wanting to function in you must guard your walk that you do not bring reproach to him. With some people it may be anger, life style, bad choices. I am going to borrow a statement I heard Rick Joyner say a long time ago “ just because you see someone that is anointed by God do something that isn’t Godly does not mean God condones what they are doing”. Our point is seek to be like Him, strive to shine like Jesus. If you fail get back up. God doesn’t like quitters! Walk in all the Kingdom you know how to while reaching for more!

Be an over comer! - loves in Jesus, Pastor Belinda

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