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"Again the Kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind." Matt. 13:47

This is the seventh parable found in Matthew 13. It deals with the kingdom of heaven likened unto a net. In this particular instance a "dragnet" is how this should read. The word net here is taken from a Greek word "Sagene" which means dragnet. This Greek word is used only once in all the bible, so that when translators are looking at this word "Sagene", they have no comparables in scripture, since this word is only found once in all scripture. So they looked outside of scripture and found this word in other ancient Greek writings dating back to the time the Pershans were invading the Greek islands during the time of King Leonidas and the Spartans some 400 plus years before Christ. In them they described how the Pershans would invade an island like ants, and they would link their arms together and form a line across the breadth of the island as they walked the length of the island so that nothing would escape them. This linking of the arms was called "Sagene". God is mending His nets. He is going to cause a networking among his harvesters so nothing is going to escape His grasp. If there are missing links he will fill them with angels (vs. 49). We are going to partner with angels and we are going to join arm in arm with believers and angels to bring in a harvest. This networking of heaven will take place before the end of all things. Don't get distracted in this season of upheaval. Keep true to your calling. If you want to change the message of the cross for one of social injustice then be blessed, but get out of the way because God has a plan of redemption that needs to be manifest. Mans eternal need is Christ in his life. The only true cure all of all cure alls is Christ in us the hope of glory. The kingdom is networking right now. If you link arms in this arena you have to leave your agenda behind. After the crucifixion and the resurrection the disciples wanted to know if Jesus would at that time restore the kingdom of Israel. (Acts 1:6) Look at his response. Their hearts yearned for the breaking of Roman oppression, his was global evangelism. (Acts 1:8). Roman oppression would go on for another three hundred years. Make sure your agenda is His agenda and link arms with the heavenlies.

As always, God bless.

Bro. Rusty

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