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  • Pastor Belinda Owens

Serving a Real living God!

Daily Word Oct. 29, 2018

After experiencing the angels and seeing Jesus in the service in Mississippi, which I shared last week, I was thinking how can it get any better than that! We were to minister at Burning Man Ministries here in Brownsville, Texas. The worship is always awesome there. God’s presence shows up on a regular basis and it is so wonderful. I was setting toward the back worshipping and again I asked the Lord “let me see the things unseen”. God starting giving me a word for Bro. Gary (the leader of Burning Man). Rusty asked me to come up and share before he ministered so I went up and shared the word the Lord had given me. That He was a consuming fire and I shared about the huge angel I had seen in Mississippi that stood on the right side of the platform. And I shared the word to Bro. Gary.

Rusty then ministered. After he was finished he asked for those who wanted prayer to come forth and we would pray over them. Several came forward and Rusty, myself, Bro. Gary and several others prayed over them. We then became aware that if you walked pass the right side of the platform there was an extreme presence of God in that one location. I would literally make your feet melt under you. So I grabbed Rusty’s hand and a friend’s hand nearby and pulled them up to that spot. We all became so intoxicated we could hardly stand and had to grab a chair. I walked back up to the spot and stood to the side of it as close as I could without falling from the presence of God. I then caught a glimpse of an angel standing there. About that time Bro. Gary said “There is an angel standing here” as the power of God’s presence knocked him into the wall! Bro. Gary said come on! Anyone wanting to experience this presence of God come up here and stand right here now! Every single person who came forward experienced God all over them! Everyone that came forward had a reaction to what was standing there. I saw one young man about 6ft tall knocked to the floor on his hind end like someone swept his feet out from under him. He couldn’t get up and burst out in holy laughter! From young children to older adults everyone who walked up to that location was over whelmed with the presence of our God! When we left the building that night people were still crawling up to that area feeling the very presence of a true and living God!

I lay in bed still awake at 2:49 a.m. just blown away that God had gotten so physical with us! We could literally feel the messenger He had sent. I told Rusty I now know how Paul felt when the angel of the Lord knocked him off his horse or in John 5:4 where the angel troubled the water in the pool. How about Acts 12:7 And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up,. The bible is full of accounts similar to what happened to us. God is getting very physical with His bride we just have to be a willing vessel for Him to work through.

All I can say after this…..Lord I want more of YOU!!!!!!!!!

God is no respecter of persons He will give you all of Him you want…. Just ask Him for “more”!

- Pastor Belinda

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