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Pronounced shekh-ay'-leth this is the Hebrew word that is translated “onycha” in Exodus 30:34, when describing the spice ingredients that was used to make up the incense that was burned in the Holy Place on the Golden Altar of the tabernacle and temple. It represented the intercession that was to continually rise from the Holy Place for Israel. The word onycha derives from the Septuagint Greek translation of the Old Testament. Onycha is literally the Greek word used in Exodus 30:34 found in the Septuagint. But understand the Septuagint is simply the Greek translation of the Hebrew text that Christians and Greek speaking Jews used in the 2nd and 3rd century CE. The Hebrew takes a different direction with this word all-together. In the Hebrew the word is “shcheleth”.

שְׁחֶלֶת Shcheleth, which means to

“roar as a lion.” We as believers are to release the sound of authority in both our prayer and in our praise, like a lion sounding off. One of the missing ingredients in modern Christianity is the absence of the sound of authority in our prayer and worship and everyday life. Jesus spake with authority, not as a know it all. Matt. 7:29.

This is a sound heaven is familiar with.

When the body of Christ restores this missing ingredient into the incense you will begin to see results in what once was lackluster. The lion of Judah roaring. Can you hear the lion roar? Pastor Rusty, shepherd of the hills.

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