• Pastor Belinda Owens

Sheep’s Path

“ Tell me, O you whom I love, Where you feed your flock?”

…SS 1:7

Learning where the Shepherd is feeding His sheep, where His glory is present, and then positioning yourself to receive His feeding is something that is important to learn. I am not talking about running from revival to revival but I am talking about learning that secret place. The place that you can hear the Father speaking directly to your heart. Once you learn this you can feed when others are hungry. You can be content even when it seems like chaos around you.

As we position ourselves to receive from the Father as a congregation or as an individual learning where the Shepard’s path is, is vital to our maintaining His presence. When we see what He is kissing we continue doing. When we see what He is not kissing we stop doing. We Cater to his liking. We make what he likes important in our lives. As pastors we see that God’s favor comes into the church service when we have one agenda, that we worship Him. Not sing songs, but “worship” Him. In the past the worship team was to set the atmosphere so the speaker could take the service. When actually worship is to open the door for the Lord to come in, and the angelic to be released to transform men’s hearts. The focus is on the Father, not man. So much more happens in His presence then could ever happen with the focus on man.

Let’s focus on the Father and see all that he will do! Find the sheep’s path and follow it. Where He feeds His sheep is where I want to be!


Pastor Belinda🌷

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