“Show me your glory”

Daily Word - Dec. 4th, 2018

“And Moses said, 'Show me your glory.'" Exodus 33:18.

A fitting climax for Exodus 33. "Show me your glory." The "kabowd". (Pronounced kaw-bode) The weightiness of God. It appears that what ever Moses has seen and experienced up to this point

has not risen to this level of request. To see His glory. It seems that Moses is definitely making a distinction between His presence and His glory.

Moses has spent forty days and nights on the mountain in the "glory" of God, and yet that still does not rise to the level of his request. Who on earth even makes a request like this?

Moses. What's really crazy is God not only understood what Moses is asking for, but He grants his request. God said, "there is a place beside me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock; and it shall come to pass, that as my glory passeth by, that I will place thee

in the cleft of the rock, and will cover thee there with my hand as I pas by." He has provided a place for us BY HIM UPON A ROCK, that we to might see His glory. That rock is Christ. And we have better covenant built in better promises than that of Moses.

The sky is the limit and His glory is available! AMEN! - Love always Bro. Rusty