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Speak His Name...

Daily Word - Dec 10, 2018

Speak His Name...

It’s with “great joy” that I think of my Savior. Warms my heart when I speak His name.His name is mighty, His name is Holy. It breaks thru the darkness releases the captive. Just saying His name makes me happy removes the sadness and events of a trying day. Demons must obey and respond when it is spoken the name above all names my Savior my King!

I was setting at a traffic light on a dreary cloudy day. As I looked out my window I started to say “ Jesus my Savior I love you, God my father I love you, Holy Ghost I love you! I love you!” I could actually feel the tightness in the air release! I couldn’t believe the difference in the atmosphere around me just from saying His name! Try it! You will love the results.

- Pastor Belinda


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