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"Because srait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Matt. 7:14 KJV

You've probably heard this verse once or twice in your lifetime, as Jesus explains what the way of life looks like. It brings a sense of despair as we conjour up an image of a very tight passage one must pass through to get to heaven. But the word "heaven" is never mentioned in this passage, prior to this passage, nor subsequent from this passage. It is only the assumption of the reader that the way of "life" is in reference to "going to heaven". To begin with let's look at the word "strait" in this passage.

The word "strait" is not a line of direction, that would be the word "straight". The word "strait" is a nautical term referencing narrow passages between islands. This word is translated from the Greek word "stenos". Which means, "narrow by reason of obstruction". It implies that the way to life is narrow because of obstacles. Jesus elaborates in the next verse to beware of false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing. Therefore the way of life is narrow by reason of so many false messages and messengers.

Like a ship one learns to navigate the strait passages that lead to life. It is important to learn to "navigate" the obstacles of life rather than constantly running your boat upon the rocks of life and constantly dealing with the frustration and fallout for not having navigated as God intended. Learning to deal with "obstacles" is an important part of the way of life. Many loose heart and simply give up saying the way itself is to hard. I assure you it's not meant to be. It is made hard by constantly running into obstacles. Obstacles are meant to be avoided that's why God has built in a navigational system in the Spirit and in the Word, rather than drifting along at the mercy of the current. Learn to use the wind and the current for propulsion, but learn to navigate by His word. I see so many Christians frustrated because they don't navigate in peace. You are fully capable of dealing with life's frustrations many of which are avoidable. The word "stenos" means there are going to be obstacles. But with a little wisdom and discernment you can avoid many of them. Till we meet again, God bless.

Pastor Rusty

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