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Stories from Azusa Street (1)

Daily Word of Encouragement! 9-10-2019

I know many of you know about the Azusa street revival which took place in 1906 - 1910. I wanted to share different stories told by the children that were at the Azusa street revival that were compiled into a book titled “Azusa Street They Told Me Their Stories” The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories Retold by Brother Tommy.

I want to cause you to wonder about our wonderful God! God still has the power and when we become hungry enough for His presence, His visitation will become a habitation! - Pastor Belinda🌷

Excerpt from the book “They told me their stories” Book by J. Edward Morris:

During one of those Monday night meetings, I asked Sister Carney, ―What miracle do you remember that happened through you?‖ She smiled and her lips kind of sunk in as the excitement welled up inside her. ―It was the woman who caught her husband with another woman. She had gotten into a fight with her and the adulterous woman bit off her ear.‖ Sister Carney was smiling but I laughed out loud. She gently chided me for laughing and said, ―Brother Tommy, it‘s not funny to catch your husband with another woman and then for the two of them get to fighting and then the other woman bites the wife‘s ear off.‖

Here‘s the story as I recall: When the wife entered the meeting room, she was holding a bloody bandage to the side of her head. Sister Carney noticed she appeared to be in tremendous pain and went over to minister to her. While waiting for Seymour to come down and the meeting to begin, Sister Carney asked her what had happened, and the lady told her about the fight. She told her that she didn‘t have the ear with her, and Sister Carney reached over and kind of pulled the bandage off to see the wound that basically looked like a bloody, raw piece of meat. Without hesitation, she began to pray for the woman. After praying for her, the lady said that the pain was gone so Sister Carney looked at her wound again, and to her astonishment, right before her very eyes, a brand new ear began to grow out. Sister Carney sat there with her mouth open and simply exclaimed, ―Oh my God!‖ This wasn‘t the first miracle that Sister Carney witnessed, but it was the first one she witnessed as a result of God working through her own prayers. As she told me this story, she recalled it as if the miracle had just happened the night before. I asked Sister Carney about other miracles she witnessed or participated in. With a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, she talked about the mighty works of God. According to Sister Carney, many people were there in wheelchairs and cots brought in from the hospitals around the area. Often, before Seymour would come downstairs or even when he was sitting with the box on his head, Sister Carney and others would go to the sick and crippled and pray for them, and they would get their healing. She and the others would go to those in wheelchairs, pull up the footrests, pray for them, and then watch them walk off, pushing their empty wheelchairs.

One of these wheelchair healings stayed with Sister Carney in a special way. One man had heavy braces on his legs and had not walked in years. She recalls that the wheelchair he was in had wheels made of wood. She prayed for him, and he was miraculously healed. His name was Brother Aubrey, and he was pastor of a big church in Los Angeles. I actually got to meet him because he would come to Pisgah to see his precious Sister Carney because she was the one who had prayed for him when he was healed at Azusa.

During one visit to Pisgah in the sixties, Brother Aubrey shared his version of the healing miracle:

Sister Carney didn‘t say a word to him. She just walked up, pulled the footrests up, put his foot down, then got the other foot, lifted it up—remember his legs had very heavy braces on them—then laid it down. Next, she told him to get up and walk, but Aubrey told her he couldn‘t walk because of the heavy braces. Sister Carney responded by getting the people with him to take off his braces so he could walk. They did, and he did! He got up and walked!

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