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Testament of God’s saving power!

I remember being under my dad’s tent in a town in Texas. At that time I was still the drummer and my sister was the organ player. Services under the tent were usually always wild. For one thing you were not within four walls. The tent had doors all the way around which made it easy for people to see what was taking place. Many times I would see people drive up and not even get out of their vehicles. This made the outreach a lot more accessible.

One night when we were on the platform playing music we notice my dad talking to a man. Seemed the man didn’t like what was going on under the tent and he had come to shut it down. Next thing we knew dad had disappeared. This was concerning since the man he had been confronted by was pretty adamant that he was stopping what we were doing. As we grew concerned my dad returned. He had a testimony! The man said something got all over him when he was telling dad that he was shutting us down. It was God that came on him and the man broke right there asking dad to pray for him. Dad prayed for the man and after the praying stopped the man asked my dad to please go to his house with him which was down a back ally and pray for his wife! They both received Jesus! What Satan meant for bad God turned to good!

So no matter how bad things look for you today, God has a plan. He can make anything Satan brings against you into something good. It maybe something you can not even imagine.

Just like the experience I just shared if you put your trust in God He will never fail you. Never! Never! Never!

We continue to pray over all of you. That God’s healing hand will keep you and your family.

We speak Peace over you,

Pastor Belinda🌷

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#turnthecoronavirusintosomethinggood #agoodoutcome #GodkeepsHischildren

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