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- Sept.13.23- #MamaShelia

Yesterday, as I sat in the hospital waiting room, while my husband had an endoscopic procedure in his lymph system, it struck me! It was 20-years ago (2003) when he had a heart attack and open-heart surgery! He received God's promise then "Let the house of Aaron now say... He shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord!"(Ps.118:3,17)

So that became his daily declaration from that day forward! "I shall live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord!"

Yet, tragically, all four of the by-passes that were placed in his heart, failed! Did he think God had failed? A resounding "NO"!

But, as Pastor Aaron faithfully claimed his promises, over the next 12-years, I sat for hours in waiting rooms, time after time as 17-stints where implanted in the arteries of his heart. Each time, being told by doctors that it was a life-or-death situation, but still believing God's word!

Plus Pastor had TIA's in his eyes with the threat of loosing his sight! Surgeries on several organs that have malfunctioned and caused major problems!

And as a Vietnam veteran, there have been attacks against his mind and emotions, but he had a miraculous turn-around, when they told him last year that he had "hardening of the arteries", rather than Alzheimer's disease, as they had diagnosed for the past twelve-years!

However, we know and believe the Hand of God has been so evident in protecting him and saving his life! The Goodness of God has been displayed over and over again!

So I was reminded yesterday in that waiting room, that without the mercies and faithfulness of our Father, His Spirit working and the precious Stripes of Jesus for his Healing -- "where would he be"?

Early in our 30-years of ministry here in Branson, he received several prophetic words that he would be "a Shepherd in these Hills." So, I'm sharing this with you today to testify of God's Healing Grace and Mercies. It did not look like he'd ever see that Promise fulfilled - BUT GOD‼️

Today, I Stand to tell You the truth of the matter-- "Let God be True and every Man a Liar"‼️(Rom.3:4 KJV) Though circumstances might betray the truth, and appear different than He has said, God is not a Liar‼️He has kept His word and done "exceeding, abundantly above all that we could ask or even imagine!" (Eph.3:20)

Therefore we gladly TESTIFY: that -- "We have Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our Testimony"‼️(Rev.12:11). At 76-years-old, Pastor Aaron Artt lives to declare "the works of God in the land of the living!"


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