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Testimonies from Azusa

Testimony from Sister Lucille as told in the book;

Azusa Street

They Told Me Their Stories

The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories Retold by Brother Tommy


Next, with a twinkle in her eye, she would tell me about the woman who had had her wrist shattered in a domestic squabble. The woman couldn‘t use her hand at all. Sister Lucille said, ―It looks like your wrist has been crushed!‖ She responded, ―My husband hit it with a mallet. He was mad at me and thought he would teach me a lesson and crushed my wrist.‖ Sister Lucille told me that it just broke her heart. She earnestly wanted the lady healed and when she prayed, she all but begged God to heal her. After her prayer, she said to the wrist, ―I say in the Name of Jesus, you do what I told you and be healed!‖ Immediately, the lady‘s wrist was totally restored. Sister Lucille‘s next story was not a cookies and milk story. She would tell about the miracles performed on people who had very bad teeth, and usually I would lose my appetite. Lucille would have them open their mouths, and she would stick her fingers on the teeth that were bad and pray for healing. I asked her, ―Were they infected and filled with bad stuff?‖ She would look at me with a half-grin on her face. I said, ―You stuck your finger on their teeth?‖ With that half-grin on her face, she said, ―Yeah.‖ ―What if there wasn‘t a tooth there?‖ I would ask playfully. Sister Lucille took her story over the top. ―I would stick my finger on the bare gum. In fact, many times I would push against the gum and let the new tooth push my finger out. On the really decayed teeth, all the bad stuff would come out, and we would use a handkerchief to rub the bad stuff off and there would be a new tooth. Even crooked teeth would straighten up.‖

I just sat there shaking my head. Even though her descriptions of the teeth often caused my stomach to turn, I sat in awe at the miracles she described.

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