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Testimony time!!❤️🙏🎉

You think God isn’t a good Father? Well let me share.

Remember the “hot fudge sundae” testimony and the 25 “Mocha

Frappe” testimony. Well if you haven’t, search those topics and read them.

Yesterday I had to run some errands. While I was out I thought I have been so busy with preparing taxes, creating web pages for our kids ministry and our youth ministry, and finished my 17th book, that I want a frappe. So I went thru the drive thru and order one thinking that I am going to use one of my 25 free Frappes. As I rolled toward the pay window my Mc Donald’s app was not working! I restarted my phone and it still wasn’t working. By this time I am thinking oh great I am going have to find $5 here in my suv to pay for it. When I got to the window I preceded to tell the lady at the window that my app was not working and I have a free frappe on it. Then I noticed she was holding a piece of paper out to me. I said “what is that?” She said “the man in front of you just paid for your order!” I did not have to dig up $5 for my order! God provided a frappe when my app with my remaking free frappes was not working! You think God doesn’t care about the little things? He does care and yes He cares about you!

- Pastor Belinda 🌷

#Godwillprovide #frappeforstress #provision #Godcaresaboutyou

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