• Glory Barn Branson

“The Bride will Arise!”

Last night while Rusty was on a Zoom meeting with several of our pastor and prophet friends they were talking about the impression of the Holy Spirit in their churches to encourage the people to release the gift of tongues. If you recall in the past month I and also Bill Beall both spoke on the use of the gift and the importance and power releasing tongues will bring. In the Zoom meeting Rusty handed me his phone putting me on the meeting. I shared what God had impression in our church. After the conversation on this ended the “Brothers” (the pastors & prophets, on the call) were going to pray and dismiss the meeting. As they were praying I saw a vision which I shared with them. I saw a bride in a white wedding dress. She was laying face down in a field. The furrows looked freshly plowed. She was not only face down, but she was covered in dirt clots and some rubble. I did not see what the rubble was other than it looked like pieces of wood. The bride began to shake herself. She began moving her back then her arms. As she did this the rubble and dirt started falling off her. She began to stand up as the dirt tumbled to the ground. I could see she was tall. Her dress was white and when she finished standing she was like a giant. The bride is awakening! She is going to stand. As she stood up I heard the Lord say “she will arise in POWER!“

The bride of Christ will began to shake off the dust and as she takes her place beside the bridegroom you will see her function in power. Get ready church, the bride is awakening!

You might read the whole chapter of Isaiah 52. Here I just used verse 2 to keep the length of this article shorter.

Isaiah 52:2 “Shake off your dust;� rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem.�Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.”