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The Dream

Daily Word - Jan. 11, 2019

"The LORD said, 'If there is a prophet among you I will make myself known to him in a vision: I will speak to him in a dream.'" Numbers 12:6

I awoke early this morning having had a dream for the second consecutive night in a row. The last two nights I dreamt about a minister that I had never met and in the context of the dreams my wife and I were excited to finally meet them and especially his wife who has a tremendous prophetic anointing on her life for worship. Their physical features weren't tremendously appealing and not what I had expected, seeing I had never met them or seen

them. They were cordial and dressed in plain colorless clothing, again not what I had expected. I knew him to be a prophet and was genuinely glad to put a face to the name. When I awoke I realized I had dreamed this encounter the night before as well and realized this must be significant.

So in my half awake stupor I asked the Lord why he was showing me this and I was surprised at the swiftness of the response. The Lord spoke about a seer's anointing that was on the man and that it had been a point of frustration for him for some while. When gifted people get around other gifted people they sometimes value what's on someone else more than their own gifting, from which they have allowed themselves to draw their own identity from. And their gifting can become a point of frustration as they try to change their identity to something deemed more favorable. But this wasn't the sole of his delema. There were other factions at work.

The Lord showed me how a spirit of Jezebel will by design attack the prophetic anointing on a man or woman, or it will go after the prophetic mantle on a house or fellowship. It cannot coexist with them. But it is limited to functioning with munipulation and misinformation because the Jezebel spirit is political in nature and seeks to function in the field of public opinion, (you know power free foroums). This is why it will resent and resist

apostolic and prophetic authorities which bring exposure.

But The spirit of Delilah is much different. It is in direct contrast to the seer anointing. It assaults the eye gate with pornagraphy and sensual behavior until it stifles that seer anionting.

Look at what Delilah did. Through her enchantment she brought blindness to the Judge of Israel. Yes this wasn't the story of a strongman and a little Philistine maiden. This was about the seduction of the Judge of Israel. He judged Israel for twenty years

before his demise. He literally held the highest office in the land. An office that requires a high anointing. (shaphat) is the Hebrew word for Samson. Judges 16:31.

This spirit took him out. If you think there is no spiritual warfare you have been lied to or miss informed. The Lord showed me that this prophets frustrations, disalutionment, and discouragement had allowed an open door for something much worse. So I said to the Lord, I will indeed pray for him, but should I look to meet him. The Lord did not get back to me on that last request. So I thought I will look him up.

I looked him up online so that I might have a face to go with the man's name. I was a little surprised to find his profile did not look like the man I met in my dream. He too was forty something but looked way more "polished" than the man I met in my dream. But in his profile it described him as a man that has a "seer" anointing. I got that part right. This is where it gets weird.

I had met this man before. About two weeks ago I had a dream where I met a pastor who was interested in having us for a meeting but wanted to meet with me first, so I met him at a strip mall that had a large plaza in the center court, surounded on all four sides with strip mall only pedestrian traffic was allowed in the court yard. I met the pastor there and he showed where his church was located in one of the buildings. He then told me there

were three other churches in the plaza and he was friends with all the three other pastors. He said he wanted me to meet the other pastors at a deli in the plaza. I said sure so we did. It was awesome that there appeared to be no jealousy among the pastors and each was truly interested in the others well being. I had immediate connection with one of the pastors and remembered him more than my host pastor. He had similar woundings that I have had and we connected. That pastor that I had only met in my dream was

the man whose profile I was looking at this morning. Go figure. God is indeed an awesome God as He has provoked a simple pastor in the Ozarks to interceded for a prophet 3000 miles away.

God bless always.

Bro. Rusty

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