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June.21.23 - [1st published Mar.15.2018] #mamashelia

— Like you may have, I grew up in a religious environment which was obsessed with the “end times.”

By the time I was 10-years-old, I had been exposed to so many sermons, books, movies and conversations about the mark of the beast, the Great Tribulation and the rise of antichrist that many of us youngen’s had developed a “panic disorder” that still affects many believers even today!

I remember I would come home from school and if I could not find Mom or Dad, I’d panic because I thought I had been “left behind.”


As I got older, thanks to Holy Spirit revelation, some awesome teachers and lots of inquiry, this narrative began to crumble. The one question that I apply to nearly everything that doesn’t add up is this: “who benefits?”

That along with the words of Jesus, “you shall know them by their fruit,” is what was needed to sharpen discernment.


Who benefits when believers are:

1) Looking for the rise of the antichrist instead of the coming King?

2) Obsessed with the mark of the beast instead of being marked by Christ’s love and Presence?

3) Focused on escaping the earth instead of redeeming it?

4. Immersed in fear rather than hope?


— Darkness benefits.

Yes there is darkness and it seems to be increasing (but please note, the presence of darkness isn’t increasing, only the awareness of it). AND according to prophetic scripture, when darkness is at its thickest, that’s when the Glory of the Lord rises upon us! Where is your focus today? Darkness or His Glory?

Yes! The end may be near, but I believe we can see it as the end of the reign of terror that has kept God’s children enslaved to a matrix of lies and hopelessness!

Those of us who are alive during these times, get the incredible privilege of seeing with our own eyes what prophets of old only dreamed about. (Heb.11:39)


Let us fix our eyes on the rising Glory of the Son of Righteousness instead of the momentary darkness that quakes and trembles at the mention of His name.


Let’s find out where our position is - because if you are alive, you have a part to play! Let’s declare the solution instead of wringing our hands over the problem. The end is near, AND the future is bright!

Praise the LORD❣️ We have so many reasons, for which we can smile❣️

Remember who you are‼️Remember Whose you are‼️Rise up and Reign‼️

“But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings…” (Malachi 4:2

~ #sheliahartartt

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