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The Gift of Prophecy

- Pastor Belinda🌹- Feb. 8, 2024

The Gift of Prophecy is the gift to declare a message from God. 1 Corinthians 14:1 says “Pursue love and be eager for the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” Paul speaks in 1 Corn. 14 about how important prophesy is. Prophesy can be given to an Individual, a church, or a greater entity. It can give clarity or instruction. Prophesy is when a person receives a word from the Lord and speaks what God is saying.

There have been times when it has been abused, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Prophecy is important communication between God and man.

When someone gives a word of prophesy check it to the scriptures. God will never contradict himself. If you receive a personal prophesy and it makes no sense to you, just set it on a self and wait and see what transpires. Many years ago I was given a prophesy. The person giving me the prophesy said “I see many books coming out of you.” Well I had never written a book at that time. Probably 25 years pasted and still I had written any books. I would think about that word I had been given. I just let it set there on a spiritual shelf. You don’t want to try and make a word happen. It’s not your place. If it is God it will come to pass in His timing. I left the prophesy on the shelf. Then on night bam! It happened. I woke up and God gave me a complete book in a supernatural download! That was my first book called “Asher and the Super Heroes”. I now have 31 books on Amazon, Walmart. com, Books A Million, and other sites across US. I have sold books in the USA, England, Scotland, Germany and more. The prophesy was true but it didn’t come to pass over night. So be patient if you have a prophetic word that has not come to pass yet.

If you want to be used in the gift of prophesy, ask God for it. Study the scriptures concerning it. Then learn to listen for the voice of God as he speaks to you.

Pastor Belinda🌹

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