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The House of Wine .

Pastor Rusty - March 5th, 2024

“He has brought me to the house of wine, and his banner over me is love.” SOS. 2:4 Berean Standard Bible

Most translations render this passage “banquet” house.🤔 But some use the word “house of wine.” This is from the Hebrew word “YAHYIN”. Only one time is it translated to mean banquet (that is here in this verse) 136 times it is translated to mean wine.🧐 You ask, “Why the discrepancy?🤔” I don’t know… but I believe “house of wine” is accurate. In the Saturday night prayer meeting in Forsyth, I heard the Holy Spirit say that He was going to bring his Bride into the House of wine and spread His canopy of love over her. I believe this action will have an intoxicating effect on His bride. He will heal her hidden wounds and release her from the shame and guilt of her past relations with the world. The anesthetic of the wine of the Holy Spirit mingled with the Blood of Christ with be a cure for all her infectious activities with spirit of this age. It will break her free from the infection of the spirit of rebellion. He is bringing us into His house of Wine! Let us pray. “Holy Father, bring us into the House of wine. Let us drink deeply of the wine of Heaven. Let our communion grow deep. Cause the husbandmen to be first partakers of the fruits. Your love is intoxicating! I ask in Jesus name… Amen!” Pastor Rusty

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