The House Of Wine

Daily Word - March 14, 2019

"He hath brought me into a house of wine, and his banner over me is love." The Song of Solomon 2:4

Have you ever experienced the intoxicating effect of the Holy Spirit on your mortal body. Have you ever experienced inebriation in the prescience of the Lord. You have opportunity to come

into his "house of wine" and allow him to spread "his banner over you" in love.

Years ago after a few years on the mission field in Mexico I was yearning for opportunity to be in the weightiness of his prescense. I was standing up front in a large Church Near McAllen

Texas when a wonderful African American woman came up to me and prayed over me. She said, "The Lord is going to bring you into His house of wine." And boy did he. I have been accused of being a Holy Ghost junkie. "How much better is your love than wine." SoS 4:10.

Learn the principle of "My cup overfloweth." It is always better to minister out of fullness than dryness. You will more apply represent the Father when you minister out of fullness.

As always,

God bless you and keep you,

Bro. Rusty