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The Palm Tree of Deborah

"And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim; and the children of Israel came to her for judgement."

Judges 4:5

The appointment of ACB (Amy Comey Barret) to the Supreme Court is a major prophetic statement to the season that we're in. Two years ago the Lord gave me a prophetic download concerning the restoration of the "Tree of Deborah", in that download the Lord showed me he was going to raise up Deborahs that would function in apastolic authority in body of Christ. In that prophetic statement the Lord showed me that He was going after spiritual wickedness that was going on unchecked by the present leadership in the Church body and because of that many pastors and leaders were exchanging their authority in the heavenlies so that they may prostitute themselves with a spirit of Delilah. (Sexual immorality and sensuality). What I didn't see was the physical mountain of the Supreme Court becoming the platform for the modern day seat of Deborah. Make no mistake concerning Amy Comey Barret and her role in God's great scheme. She is a Deborah. And she is born for war.

Make note of major prophetic themes in the story of Deborah in Judges chapter four. One is that the tree of Deborah is located between Ramah and Bethel in the Mount of Ephraim. The "Tree of Deborah" represents the seat of authority that Deborah functioned in. It is important as ministers of God to know what your seat of authority is and in what mountain it's located. The mount of Ephraim represents what sphere of influence God has given you to function in.

Understand where your seat is. Deborah's was a seat of judgement in the mount of Ephraim. In your lifetime you may sit in multiple seats of authority, but invariably you cannot sit in all of them simotaniously. If you see that your life's destiny is to sit in multiple seats you are most likely looking at different timelines within your life at different stages of development. The confirmation of Mrs. Barret is huge in the grand scheme of things and in my heart I rejoice at her arrival. Understand that in the bible Deborah's rise to power was at a volotile time in Israel's history. Even so modern day Deborahs are uniquely adapted for the fight. Keep up the good fight and remember God is on your side.

- Pastor Rusty

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