• Pastor Rusty Owens

The Shepherd's Flock

“Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions?” SOS 1:7.

The kingdom of God is very inclusive until it's not. There are paths that only "lovers" find that the rest of Christianity does not enjoy. There are doors that only "lovers" walk through and fountains that only "lovers" drink from. Their heart always cries out, where do you feed "your flock" and where do you have them rest at noon day. Where does the King feed his flock, the question of the ages. Most of Christendom appears to never ask this question and never seems to pursue such a place, but the "lover" does. They are always in pursuit of his encampment and where HE dwells. Finding the dwelling place for His flock becomes the pursuit of soul. Not being content to turn aside to the flock of His companions is the characteristic of a lover. Why should one be content to simply dwell with the friend of the bridegroom, like so many have done. Why should I turn aside by the flocks of Hagee, Jakes, or Stanley. The lover won't be content with vicarious relations. Having a hunger for God is a two edged sword that creates a paradox of the soul. Not everyone can reconcile the "blessing" of hunger and pursuit, and only a singular satisfaction. Finding the one whom your soul loveth is the one great pursuit. Think about it. Pastor Rusty

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