• Pastor Belinda Owens

“The Sparrow & the Eagle”

A sparrow is important, an Eagle is important. But a sparrow can not teach an Eagle how to be an Eagle. As an Eagle would stretch his wings a sparrow would say “oh my those are way to big! Hold them like this and pull them in so they are like mine.” But an Eagle is meant to have those huge wings enabling him to fly at great speeds. Eagles can achieve 30 mph using powerful wing-beats and even faster when diving after prey (stoop). Bald eagles can dive at up to 100 mph; golden eagles at up to 150 mph. The sparrow can not understand this and would attempt to keep the Eagle restricted to what only the sparrow can do.

An Eagle would say “I feel the need to soar way up high beyond the clouds so I can see.” The sparrow

Would say “oh no you can’t see better way up there! Everything would be so small you need to stay close to see. But Eagles use both monocular and binocular vision, meaning they can use their eyes independently or together depending on what they are looking at. An eagle eye has two focal points (called “fovea” [singular] or “foveae” [plural]) one of which looks forward and the other to the side at about a 45 degree angle. These two foveae allow eagles to see straight ahead and to the side simultaneously. The fovea at 45 degrees is used to view things at long distances. An eagle can see something the size of a rabbit running at three miles away. When we function as Eagles in the prophetic our vision is clear. We can see what is ahead as well as what is beside! God gives us the ability to see beyond what is even possible.

An Eagle would say “I feel the urge to soar out and grab that snake down there!” The sparrow would say “you can’t do that! The snake will kill you!” But a soaring “Snake-Eagle” (this is a type of Eagle that specifically hunts snakes thus named Snake-Eagle) spots a delicious snake, it swoops down suddenly, grabbing with its talons. Then it immediately flies upward, as the snake writhes and strikes. The first order of business is to minimize the danger, so the eagle crushes or tears off the snake’s head. Still on the wing, it then swallows the entire snake, head first. When a believer who functions as an Eagle goes to battle with the enemy he best look out! The prophetic Eagle will rip off the serpents head and then spiritually swallow him whole! Isn’t that exciting! The Eagle has a wing span of 5.9 to 7.5 ft. The sparrow has a wing span of 7.9 inches. The sparrow though loved and needed can not teach the Eaglet. They don’t compare. That having been said, someone who is not an Eagle can not understand the functions of the prophetic Eagle. They do not have the ability to mentor the Eagle.

If you are an Eagle, you soar in the heavens, you have supernatural experiences that are a stretch for sparrows you need a mentor who is an Eagle. Find someone who functions as a prophetic Eagle and learn from them. Don’t expect sparrows to know how to raise you up. When an Eagle is mentored by a sparrow he will not know how to function to his full capacity. He will believe what he has been experiencing is not of God because the sparrow said so. The amazing bald eagle can fly up to 10,000 feet high. They soar high and the ability to lock its wings in certain positions helps them soar through the strong and stormy winds. This special trait of an eagle often becomes a symbol of strength and courage. Spread your wings! Soar to the heavens! Defeat that snake and learn how to be an Eagle. Isaiah 40:31 31but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Soar high my eaglets!,

Pastor Belinda 🦅

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