• Pastor Belinda Owens

The Spirit of Leviathan

Daily Word – 10-4-2018

Several years ago I had a dream and in the dream I was standing and there were two tall angels standing behind me. I heard one angel say to me “you need to know that Leviathan is after you”. I went to my bible to see what Leviathan was. Leviathan is a twist serpent that causes chaos and separation. Leviathan is described in Job 41. He is a twister of the truth set out to destroy. Some believe he is a principality not just a demon. This spirit causes those who are under it to twist the truth and misrepresent things that have been said while declaring the lies to be truth.

When the Lord reviled this to me I began praying against it. We went thru a period of words being twisted and said against us as if they were truth. No matter what was said it was twisted. We finally stopped replying or even trying to straighten out what was twisted. It just got worse. We came to a point of not responding and just prayed. This went on for about a year, one long year. I began to go before the courts of heaven and declare our rights and ask for help from the Father to defeat Leviathan. He did bring it to an end. I am sharing this to help those who maybe in the mist of warfare with this spirit. Do not let up and do not give up. Seek the Lord before responding to any accusation. The warfare is real. It may take a while but you can win this with God’s help.

Here is how Leviathan operates.

1. You cannot play around with this spirit; it would be dangerous to attempt to do so. It cannot be tamed and has therefore to be renounced completely.

2. You cannot enter in covenant with this spirit (v. 4). It encourages people to break covenant by encouraging those under its influence to leave churches. It can destroy marriages and break up friendships.

3. Leviathan twists the truth. It misrepresents what has been said, causing people to sometimes believe the very opposite of what was said. Those under its influence hear things in a twisted way, and then pass on this twisted version, often believing it to be the truth. So this is definitely a spirit of deception. It is this twisting of the truth that makes it a difficult spirit to deal with.

4. You cannot reason with this spirit because it blinds people to the truth. In fact those under its influence can be so deceived that they do not appreciate that they are deceived or are twisting the truth.

5. This spirit can only be overcome through the supernatural activity of God's Spirit, not by any human means.

6. "His breath kindles coals," meaning that their words have a destructive, negative effect. Those under its power become very critical, especially of those in authority. They become judgmental and their words have the effect of pulling down rather than building up.

7. This spirit produces a hardness of heart in people (v. 24) making it even more difficult to bring those being used by this spirit to the repentance they need.

8. Because of its pride, and because it has access into people's lives through their proud hearts, this spirit wants to be in control. So those under its influence want to control situations in which they are placed. They resist submission to true spiritual authority.

9. This is a mocking spirit, and uses mockery as one way of attacking others. It will mock those who walking in obedience to the Lord or who disagree with them, so important to them are their own opinions.

10. Not only do people become hard-hearted under its influence, they become thick-skinned in the wrong sense. The truth bounces off them