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The Spirit of Leviathan

"In that the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay that dragon that is in the sea." Isa. 27:1

The word leviathan in this chapter is a Hebrew transliteration from the the word, "livyathan" which means "twisted" or "coiled". It represents a satanic spirit that functions with diabolical behavior of disinformation and maligning truth to gain power. It is the exact opposite of the Spirit of truth that works in the TRUE body of Christ. The golden lamp stand in the Holy Place represents the body of Christ giving light and illumination (the only light) in the Holy Place. It is pure olive oil (the Holy Spirit) that fuels that light. The body of Christ is to be the true light house that lights up the world. The Spirit of truth is the greatest affront to the Spirit of leviathan. This is one of the darkest times for our nation. Leviathan has coiled its way into control of a great portion of the media. And our nation has been subject to a constant spew of twisted misinformation (Rev. 12:15), these are people that have aligned themselves with a dark satanic agenda. They speak lofty words to hide twisted agendas, it seems bleek for our country. But don't underestimate the power of truth, (John 8:32), and the power of intercession. Pray for our nation. Pray for exposure of dark dealings and see what happens. As for this election, that great catcher and orator for the New York Yankees, Yogi Berra, once said, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings."

God bless and pray in peace.

Pastor Rusty

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