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  • Shelia Hart Artt


Updated: Jun 9, 2019


Daily Word - May 20.2019 - Pastor Sheliah

I’m home! I’m home! I just want to say!

I’m home! I’m home and there is no way

To describe the past three weeks

To share how loudly my memory speaks

About siblings and old friends and all of the past

Even diaper pins, Knick-knacks and pictures that last.

From childhood and grannies and uncles and aunts

The boxes and cabinets stuffed with romance.

I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and listened to songs

Nostalgic emotions rise up from so long ...

Ago - with my Daddy and brother - the Wars and their life

Medals and letters reflecting the pain and the strife.

Births, Deaths; Weddings, Anniversaries and Holidays

Remembering Celebrations of all those special days.

Old cards and gifts too many to tell

Amazing those things you remember so well.

It seemed like a big book was closed yesterday

As we locked up that front door and just walked away.

My mother had saved so many things

But for me a new chapter these memories brings.

“Forgetting the past and reaching on to what lies ahead,

“I press toward the prize of the call of Christ,” * just as Paul said.

God has great plans ready - just for you!

And yet the past—is nothing compared to what God will yet do!”**

~ Shelia Hart Artt [May.20.2019]



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