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The Two Eagles

Prophetic Word

I was praying this past weekend and I was caught up in the Spirit.

I saw two eagles standing side by side. One eagle was an American bald eagle, the other was a Golden eagle, (Like the one on the flag of Mexico). The Lord says, “I'm releasing my eagles. I'm causing the prophets in my kingdom to align themselves one with another. Because agents of darkness have endeavored to cause division across cultural lines even in my church that their efforts have come unto my kingdom. But I have the last say in every matter. Says the Lord, I am releasing my prophets to expose these workings of darkness and I will cause an awakening that will eclipse this present crises. My enemies have tried to harvest the Latin American culture to align it with it's agenda, but I the Lord will cause the Latin American culture to be fuel for my harvest,” says the Lord, “and I will cause the Golden eagle to stand beside American Bald eagle”, says the Lord,

What you will see is the north wind of my movement to converge with the south winds and I will blow upon my garden,” says the Lord. In days to come you will see my winds on the wheat fields of the Midwest again. Also you will see a great south wind blow upon my house from the Gulf region. I will cause great moisture to come again and the seed of God among you will thrive and awaken”, says the Lord.

The Lord says that He will cause a sound of worship to come from the Latin American community that will cross cultural lines and that His power is going to come into the Latino community and cause a south wind to blow upon His house. This wind will converge with a north wind that will blow across the Midwest.

Pastor Rusty Owens 3/29/20

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