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There is Life after Death!

Daily Word - August 29th, 2019 🌷

God is always for life and always for healing. I have heard my husband say this and it is so true, “if you can picture it in heaven then it is God’s will, if you can not picture something in heaven then pray against it!” For instance if you are going to pray for a child with cancer it is a given that it is not God’s will. You won’t find children in heaven with cancer! So it would be God’s will that the child be healed. God’s will on earth as it is in heaven! It’s His will for life, and for wholeness!

When we lost our oldest son Cameron of course I had a hard time about “why did God allow it to happen.” I believe in God’s protection and I faithfully prayed over him for protection.

One evening as I wrestled with the voice that said “God failed you. he didn’t protect your child” I asked God “how come? Did you allow this to happen?” My heart was broken. Had my God failed me?” And if He did He wasn’t the God I had believed in.

As I laid down that night and fell asleep I had a dream. In the dream there was a great valley. The valley was black and dark. It was the valley of death. All along the sides up on the edge stood people. Men, women, children all standing there facing the valley of death. Coming up behind each of them was a demonic spirit. The spirit would push the person’s back causing them to fall into the valley of death. At that point God spoke to me and He said “ the demons kill, steel and destroy, but I have the final say. They can push them into the valley of death it’s at that time I look thru their future. I decide after seeing what is ahead for them if I should bring them on to heaven or do I press the reset button and send them back. I have the final say”. As God spoke this to me I saw a reset button like you would find in a bathroom where the button sometimes has to be pushed in causing a reset. God continued, “I looked at the future and decided it was best with me.”

As hard as it is to live thru the loss I trust my Father. I never question anymore “why did you do this?” I understood it wasn’t my father that caused it but He had the final say, to stay with Him or return and be reset.

I find love and happiness when I am hugged by my youngest son Nathan, or my grand babies. It causes a complete feeling, and fullness to come to my heart. I thank God that I have them, they have put life back in my world.

If you have experienced a loss let God hold you. Let Him bring comfort to you. If He chose to not push the reset button trust Him, He has the final say. ❤️

- Pastor Belinda 🌷

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