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What Kind of Influence Do You Have?

- Daily Word - 07.27.19 - Pastor Sheliah "We are mutually enriched in every possible sense of the word and inseparably joined to one another in an undivided heart, without any hidden agenda. And together we ... will set the stage for a joyous grace celebration to God!" [2Cor.9:11 MB]

I have a friend in Jackson, Michigan, who has helped me to find my voice both for speaking and writing.

It actually started on Nov. 24, 2002, when Jan Vasaris attended Sunday Praise Gathering ministry (that we hosted at Jim Stafford’s Theater in Branson for ten-years). At that time, Jan had been on medications for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for several years and was suffering severely.

God healed her that morning, and then on Dec. 18, 2002, her mind was healed (memory restored) and she has victoriously overcome the debilitating symptoms of that terrible disease.

Because of what God had done in her, she wrote to the email address on the information that we gave her that Sunday, and I responded.So, Jan and I have corresponded by email for all these years. Her questions have challenged and stretched me, helping me find vocabulary for the things God has been teaching me and doing in me for many years.

Thus the quotation from 2 Corinthians, chapter 9:”We are mutually enriched...” because I’ve learned so much from Jan through her hunger and honest questions through our relationship!

Several years ago I was privileged to be invited to speak for a Women’s Conference in Detroit, hosted by the church she attended in Jackson, Michigan. I visited in her home and met her husband, Al, and her three children.

Then in 2016, when we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, Jan and Al drove the almost 12-hour trip to help us celebrate! They have become like family to me. And every month she sends a gift for mission ministries to me - that goes into a special account and has been just what I needed for a ticket to many nations, many times!

Jan and I are total opposites, but our relationship has been strengthened by the differences.

Because of Jan, I’ve learned how to express my experiences with grace and patience. And, her hunger and eagerness for the truth of the Word often pulls out of me things I wouldn’t have been able to express without her queries and determination.

So, today, I read a note that she had written and I was so blessed. If I had been asked what my intention in writing the articles found on this website, I realize that Jan nailed it in this message!

In a world so conscious of darkness and confusion, I’ve always wanted to share the Light of Christ, and I want to bring the Hope of Glory! I’ve wanted to be a positive influence in a negative world.

Thank you, Jan, for the positive influence you have been to me! You have been one of God’s greatest gifts in my life!

Thank you dear Papa, for your gift to us - wonderful, supportive friends❣️~ Shelia Hart Artt ❤️🔻❤️🔻❤️🔻❤️🔻❤️

“Hi Shelia, I am thanking God so much this morning that He sent you into my life with such a powerful positive influence.

This morning I began reading an article that 3 people sent to me. I didn’t even get through the first paragraph. As I began reading it I felt myself tense up, The last words I read were something like–God’s judgement is coming on America and it is going to be bad.

At that point I remembered you sending out articles about these doomsday people. Thanks for taking time to send out those articles. They helped me today to keep from allowing myself to get all caught up in fear.

It was just really strange–as I thought about the articles you sent me this very real presence of fear just left. Hard to put into words but it was really neat!!! Thanks for your faithfulness in sharing truths with me.

Praying for you as you minister abroad. Love you much, Jan”

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