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When Our Faith is Shaken”

Matthew 11:28-30 - “Come unto me, all that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Labor - to feel fatigue; by implication, to work hard:--(bestow) labour, toil, be wearied.

Laden - to load up (properly, as a vessel or animal), i.e. (figuratively) to overburden with ceremony (or spiritual anxiety):--lade, by heavy laden.

Rest - (reflexively) to repose (literally or figuratively (be exempt), remain); by implication, to refresh:--take ease, refresh, (give, take) rest.

I do believe all of us, and I say us because I have watched our friends and myself grow somewhat weary with all that is happening in our world. It is upsetting when your world seems to be unstable. The Lord says in the scripture above that if we will come to Him he will give us rest. Perfect rest can only be found in the Lord. By leaning on Him just like a child we can crawl up into the Lord’s lap and let Him comfort and hold us. This place on His lap becomes our place of refuge.

One thing they teach us in disaster relief training is that a person needs to be reassured that every thing is under control. They teach us to center a person by Reassuring them that all they have faith in is still stable. Center them on the truths that God is still God, you are safe, you are alive, and things will be ok. Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience but we can over come, and we can be victorious.

I want to take my next few turns of blog writing to reestablish, God is in control and He is with us. He has not left or gone on vacation. His word is still true.

I am guilty of praying my desires and wants, and yes just like a child I feel rejected and hurt when it doesn’t happen or come to pass as I thought it should be. Just like most of y’all, I have prayed that the pandemic would disappear. I don’t like what it has done and all that it has hurt. It is definitely demonic. The scriptures tell us that the thief, Satan, has come to steal, kill, and destroy. John 10:10.

It is our duty to pray for the better. To pray for life and not death, to pray for healing in the case of sickness. It does make you feel as if there was a failure at some point when the answer doesn’t come like we thought it should. God is high above all other gods. It comes down to will your faith be shaken? Will you continue to walk as a child of the kingdom of heaven when your world turns upside down or will we stop talking to our God and distance ourselves from Him. It is a relationship we are to have with our Father, that is why we pray and talk to Him. This relationship is one of love and trust.

I have an experience to share with you of a revelation God gave me a few years ago when we had experienced the worse loss I could have ever experienced. I will share that on my Thursday blog.

- Pastor Belinda 🌷

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