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“When our faith is shaken Part 2”Psalms 23:4 -

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

I mentioned I was going to share in this blog a revelation that the Lord gave me after the worst time of my life. After the loss of our oldest son Cameron, I began to question God. How could He allow this to happen. I had placed Cameron in God’s care. As I began to question why it turned into “how could you and why would you?” My heart began to question God. As this feeling of being let down by the most powerful God there is churned in my heart I felt betrayed.

Then one night as I lay in my bed crying myself to sleep over the loss of my son God began to show me a vision. He took me to a huge valley. He said “this is the Valley of Death”. I saw people lined up on the edge of this huge valley. It was dark and deep. There were demons behind the people who stood on the edge of the Valley of Death and they would push this one, then that one into the dark. The Lord said to me “you see, they push them into the valley of death. Then I view their future, which would be best for the person. Should I reset them?” And he showed me an electrical reset like you find on a wall that trips and then you push a button and it rests. He said “I decide which is best for them now that they have been pushed into this death. Do I reset them and send them back or do I keep them with me.” He said “I decided what is best at that point. I did not do this to Cameron, they did. I just decided how the out come should be.” This brought some understanding to my questioning heart. I now could understand that my God did not do this and I could see who did. I also understood how God looks at each case, each situation and He makes the final decision. He is a loving God bringing the best out come in a horrible situation.

No one likes unanswered prayers. It doesn’t fit into our whole faith structure. We want things now and if it doesn’t happen we crawl into a hole of disbelief. A hole that Satan wants to keep you in. It is in this hole of unbelief that our faith dwindles and we began to question our very belief system. This doubt and unbelief can keep you from walking in all that God has for you.

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 “ Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” NIV. Faith is a very important thing to have. It keeps us going. It cheers us on to the hope for what we can not yet see that it will become. Healing, deliverance, better jobs, prosperity are things that take faith. When we pray for healing we believe that it is going to manifest and the sickness will leave. If Satan can make us question our very own beliefs he is already winning the war to destroy us.

I have come to know this one thing, God is real, this is an absolute. No question about it He always has been and always will be. I may not understand everything that happens but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt God has the final say. He always has our best interest at heart.

It may not seem like it at times but when all is said and done we will understand. We tend to think that this fleshly life is the main event when actually you are an eternal being only having a 70-80 year human experience then the main event starts, eternity.

I pray this helps some of you. Don’t loose faith, don’t be shaken, our God has the final say. Learn to trust Him even in the bad.

Next Monday I will have part 3 of “When our faith is shaken”.

Keep the faith,

Pastor Belinda🌷

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