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Who is your Daddy?

Who is your Daddy? - Daily Word 8-31-2018

God told me that he wants to know “WHO is your daddy?” He said He is asking. I said “God I don’t refer to you in that manner. You’re my Father with respect.” He said He is familiar with the slang, but He wants me to ask you “WHO IS YOUR DADDY!” If it is God then we must do His will. What was his will? It is to bring heaven on earth, to stand against darkness, sickness, and sin. We have the power to move the darkness. It won't happen on its own, we were given the power. We must activate what was given and release the will of God on our world. I remember when I was about 11 years old I was sitting in a church service where my dad was ministering. I was the drummer and the church services were always lively. People were getting healed, demons being cast out, people getting saved. I couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing. On this one night as my dad was speaking a lady in our church started screaming. We all took note real quick. Her new baby had stopped breathing. Right there in the service the baby had turned black from not breathing. I remember my dad jumped down off the platform reached over the front pew and laid hands on her. He commanded life to come back in to her body! As he did this the baby took a deep breath. Color began coming back into her little body, she was alive again! She started breathing normal. Dad told them to take her to the hospital to make sure she was ok. God came to the rescue! His word was true! Death came to steal her little life away but because someone had read that God raised people from the dead and actually believed it she is alive to this day! I won’t reveal her name as she is on my Facebook. What would you do if this happened to you? Hopefully you would have done the same. You have the power within you. Jesus gave those who believe in Him all the power we need to walk as He did. If you never step out and swing for the fences you will never know what it is like to function in the supernatural. Our God is a God Who CAN! Let’s bring heaven to earth! Who’s your Daddy? God is asking.

"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give. Matt. 10:8

- Pastor Belinda

#raisedfromthedead #whosyourdaddy #Godcan #heavenonearth

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