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“Your never alone do not fear”

- Aug. 25, 2023 - Pastor Belinda🌷

It can start small and then as it gets a hold on you it grows. I am talking about fear. Fear of being alone, fear of failing, fear of loosing something or someone.

The Bible says: “For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. “

Isaiah 41:13 Don’t let fear take root in you. Speak to it, rebuke it in the name of Jesus! You have power over it thru His name! It is a tool Satan loves to use. That scared feeling is nothing but a lie to you! Whether it tries to keep you from making friends to actually having you afraid to leave your house. Jesus has defeated fear and all his brothers!! As a born again child of God you have the authority to speak to it and command it to be gone. Satan doesn’t want you to realize that you can be a victor!

Pray with me! “Jesus right now I ask for you to cover me with your blood. Wrap me in your love. Fear I command you to go in Jesus name! No more will I be tormented! No more will I walk in fear! Go! In the name of Jesus!”

Now thank Jesus for setting fear on the run!

God bless you and keep you,

Pastor Belinda🌷

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