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Message in a Dream -

The last week of April 2016, I had a dream unlike I’d ever had before. This is my dream.

      I was on stage ministering in song at a large church. All of a sudden, many angels came in and moved on stage and stood behind me facing the audience. One male looking angel stood to my left and said he has a message from God and wants me to repeat the message for the audience. We were conversing mentally without moving our lips but talking with distinct words. I then reached the microphone over to him and asked if he wanted to tell the people himself the message from God. I then realized that not everyone could see or hear him, thus I knew I had to do as he asked. I questioned him, “Can I tell the audience what is happening, that many angels just came in and are behind me on stage facing them and then one standing beside me wants me to repeat his message from God? He said “Yes”. After I told the people about the angels, I requested the ushers not let anyone out of the room. I realized this must be very serious for God to deliver a message in this way.

     The angel beside me began his message as I repeated it to the people. He said “If Christ be in you, and you are in Christ, God’s Spirit dwells in you. You cannot be born again and changed unless God’s Spirit is in you. You are to be full and running over with God’s Spirit. Satan is about to attack God’s people with an onslaught of evil and deception in full force. The only way to have victory over this evil force is to be full and running over with God’s Spirit. If you are not, you will lose.”

He thin invited everyone to come forward to allow God’s Spirit to be full and running over in them. He said, “If you have children attending children’s church, don’t worry about picking them up because they are being filled with God’s spirit as I speak. If you have babies in your arms, bring them with you so God can touch them as well”. I would say 85% of the people came forward. As they came forward, some of the angels left the stage and stood beside or behind some of the people.

      The angel beside me was very patient with those left in their seats. He again invited them to come forward. He was quiet for a long time. His patience was very long. One by one, a few more came forward. Again, he invited those who did not move out of their seats to chose to be full and running over with God’s Spirit in order to be victorious over the strong attacks of the enemy. Again, he waited quietly for a long time. A few more came forward as they finally made their choice. Again, He waited. Then he broke the silence and commanded with a firm voice, “Those of you still in your seats leave the room.” I repeated his words in the same way. (End of dream)

This was a very sobering dream; one I will never forget. It is etched in my mind because it seemed so real. I believe it was a warning from God to all Christians. He wants to protect His children by His great love and the provision of His very own Spirit. If you don’ t know Jesus personally, repent of your sins, receive Him into your heart as your personal Savior and ask Him to fill you full and running over with His Spirit. God’s Spirit will give power to be victorious over Satan. God desires that all Christians be full and running over with His Spirit.

This is my desire. Is it yours? - Darlene Jones Beal

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August 3rd, 2021 - This awesome word was sent from Dianna Jones this morning. Very timely as Pastor Rusty and our Senda de Vida Director Hector Silva are flying to Puerto Escondido, Oax. MX to hold a pastors conference. When it was relayed to Pastor Rusty he said "That word is spot on!"

Pastor Belinda, I hope you're having a peaceful morning. I've been wanting to share a dream I had a few nights ago. In it I saw Pastor Rusty he was with other men and they looked like giants they were walking along but they were taking giant steps, kind of weird looking, their knees were about a foot away from their heads, that kind of step. Anyway, I saw seeds coming out of their shoes everytime they stepped they were flying everywhere. ( and I was thinking everywhere our foot steps the Lord has given you) But then it was like the place of Senda de Vida became so big and out grew and out numbered the areas around them where they were like the capitol city and made the governing laws. (Not in this dream but in another I saw the hand of God come down with a Samyo Wax Sealer. I perceived He was angry with injustice and was setting His seal on righteousness. It was like I have spoken and it will be done. I think that is what He is doing over in Mexico as well. Just praying for Rusty and the others and hoped it might encourage them. - This word was given by Dianna Jones



Dream given by Melissa Cook - Nov. 11-11-2020     

         Steve and I walked up to a huge building. We looked to the right and saw a huge glass wall with Pastor Rusty laying face down in prayer. Then we saw Apostle Collins and Apostle John praying in there as well. These are pastors from Africa that we met in North Dakota. As I continued to watch, more people from different nations we're in there praying. I knew that because they were all wearing clothing that represented the country they were from. Then Pastor Rusty grabbed a tambourine and was Native American dancing and everyone followed him in a circle. Steve and I kept walking on and we ended up in a room where there was a group people. We knew at that point that we were in the Whitehouse and the room was President Trump's office. Everyone was amazed as we were just looking around and had pinned up pieces of papers covering every wall with strategies.


  A Word from Pastor Rusty:

         God is punctuating and "showcasing" the ministry of intercessory prayer, in this season, when we move into intercessory prayer we are allowed to align ourselves with apostolic authorities around the globe (take note in the dream that one of these is an international authority) we never function alone, we are surrounded by a company of international warriors effecting the nations (plural).  In my case it seems that I am allowed to take the lead in Native American interseccion (in the context of the dream).  It also shows that my friends are given access into the war room of government and that governmental authority has been given unto them specifically to effect the strategies of those governing.  Do Not, underestimate the power that true interseccion has or the authority that it brings to access positions of authority in our nation or in the nations. It is clear we can do many things after we have prayed, but it is also clear we should do nothing until we have prayed. Amen.  - Pastor Rusty


On August 5th 2020 I read on a post on Facebook about the horse authentic winning the race. I think maybe it was Kentucky Derby I'm not sure. immediately the word authentic jumped out at me I looked it up.. authentic means undisputed origin  or genuine ...

Profane means related or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical and is secular. Then the Lord spoke to me that we need to be able to distinguish between the authentic or to profane...

      On August 6th 2020 in the prayer room at the glory Barn the lord gave me this word for the intercessors. Pastor Rusty wanted me to send it to him so he can release it.

this is what the Lord spoke to me in the prayer room.

For in this day you must learn to discern the authentic from the profane- those things which are authentic in me and those which appear to be authentic but in fact are profane and not of me. For the authentic is of me, - they're profane is deception. Have I not said you will know them by their fruits. Look for the fruits- for my fruits provide more good fruits. Be careful not to bruise the tender fruits on the vines, but nurture this,fruit mulch this fruit, feed this fruit, care for intend the tender fruits.- you shall know the authentic from the profane- The pretenders- in this season by how the fruit is tended and by how it's cared for
Note: right after we got done in the prayer room I looked at the clock on my phone and it was 11:11 a.m.

       July 30th2020. In the prayer room at the glory Barn the Lord spoke this to me:
We come in as lambs- we leave at like lions Then I saw rain covering us  and we'd be so wet we'd  brush our arms with our hands to get the excess rain off... It was raining very heavily...

During worship service on July 30th 2020 at the glory Barn the lord gave me this word:
For I came to draw, seek, and save, and restore those who need rescuing, those who are bound, those who are broken, those who are wounded, those with chains - that I may break every chain, every yoke, every doubt, every fear-

That my freedom may go forth throughout the Earth- that I may be glorified. I Am The Well of Life drink deeply of me.

Prophetic word given by Rinnah Barron 


We are living in the land of Goshen. We are set apart. Goshen is a place of rest ordained by God. The God of Goshen has risen and will do a new thing in our life. It is a place where the glory of God manifest. It is a place where there is light in your Camp when there is Darkness around you. It is a place of enjoying peace in the middle of a whirlwind. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise, and baptized our lives with the showers from Goshen. 

Prophetic word - Zoe Willis Aug. 2020


Prophetic Word - Aug. 12th, 2020

     Yesterday I kept hearing firewall. I kept hearing when you dance upon the ground that God is shaking you're creating a firewall. Hi Google what is a firewall? A firewall is a barrier between a trusted internal Network and  an untrusted external. I heard through our praise and worship God is going to surround us with a firewall. Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access. He spoke to me about walking across our land and worshipping and dancing up on the ground that he is shaking. He brought me to Zechariah chapter 2 verse 5 a wall of fire around her and praise God glory in the midst of her!!  What is in the middle of a firewall? The glory of our God!!  He also led me to 1st John 4 in verse 18 and he said there is no fear in love.  Whoever fears has not been made perfect in love.  He is going to deliver many of his people from fears they have had that has held us back. He's
going to strip that off of them as they press forward in the armies of God.  and I strongly believe and have heard in my spirit for a couple of years now the South will rise one more time. I came across in Zechariah 9 verse 14  and the Lord shall be seen over them and his Arrow shall go forth as the lightning, and the Lord will blow the trumpet and will go forth in the wind storms of the South! The Lord of hosts shall defend and protect them, and they shall devour and they shall tread on their fallen enemies as on sling stones that has missed their aim,  and they shall drink a victory and be noisy and turbulent as for wine, “And the Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people, for they shall be as the precious jewels of a crown, lifted High over and Shining up on his land! How great is God's goodness and how great is his Beauty!! Grain shell make the young men thrive in fresh wine the maidens”

Zoe - 


Prophetic Word - June 2020

   About a month ago I saw a huge angel step out of heaven. With a huge sword as big as a telephone poll and raise it up and hit it in ground when he did shaking and vibrations started happening and the earth started cracking and he said I have come to make war with those who are attacking my church my bride and people started lining with the angel and started picking up swords and spiritually growing stronger started fighting..

- Karen Wingard





Prophetic Dream -  6-23-20


Brenda Coe - 


   I’m in a hotel room at least on the 2nd or 3rd floor cause I have a good overall view of the sky, no trees, etc. in the way. There’s a big black cloud in the distance covering the whole sky in front of me and coming our way. It’s a normal sky still yet where we are at. I’m surprised the hotel hadn’t told us. Several other women are in my room getting ready , like for a meeting. I tell the women but they don’t seem to be too alarmed. I’m not dressed yet, waiting for my turn at the sink. I’m at the sink now getting ready, there’s a window in front of the sink, and look again at the sky and it’s ALL black now. It looks like a bad cloud hanging low in the sky is coming right at the hotel, but it goes right over us. It kind of dissipates as it goes over us. Then I look and there is a tornado coming right at us in the distance and another one coming at us to my left. I tell all the women and they start hurrying getting decent clothes on to go to shelter. Again, I’m surprised the hotel hasn’t sounded some kind of alarm. I start scurrying over the room tying to find my clothes and I can’t find them. I’m feeling frustrated and the urgency to go to shelter. I wake up and haven’t found my clothes yet in my dream and have the urgency, frustrated feeling.