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Tree of Deborah 2023
"The Water is Rising!"
Oct. 20,21,22 

      Join us for our annual Tree of Deborah Conference Oct. 20, 21, 22. We will have 3 powerful days! God's presence is rising. Can you feel it? Don't miss out make plans now to attend!
Our guest speakers are, Rona Spiropoulos, Friede Taylor, 
Deanna Priddy also known as "Dancing Star Woman” she serves as chief in the Northern Towns District of Texas Cherokee Tsalagiyi Nvdagi
and your host Pastor Belinda Owens.
       Conference kicks off Friday night Oct 20th. Doors open at 6:30 pm service @ 7:00pm. Saturday Oct. 21st, service is at 10:30, free lunch at 12:00, afternoon meetings @ 1:00pm, & 3:00.
Healing rooms will be open at 4:00pm. Night service @7:00pm. Then Sunday morning @10:30am. This is a FREE conference. Offerings will be taken to help cover cost. We do ask that you register so we have a head count for Saturday lunch. 
We look forward to seeing you here! - Pastor Belinda Owens


Meet our speakers:

Rona Spiropoulos

Rona lives in Montana and is from Zimbabwe. She is an international speaker and a prophetess of God. Rona has authored two books, The Blood, Entrance into the Supernatural, and Spirit Life Beyond the Veil. Rona speaks with a passion and an anointing that comes from having spent time in His presence. You will be blessed and streatch to reach for more of the Lord! 


Friede Taylor

Friede is an author and international speaker. She has traveled the world doing ministry. She is the author of the book "From Hitler's Germany to the Cross and Beyond". Friede maybe small in stature but she is powerful in the Kingdom. She carries a strong anointing. After praying over me one time, I had an angelic visitation like never before! You don't want to miss her speaking.



Deanna Priddy, Dancing Star Woman”  

Deanna serves a Chief to the Northern Towns District of the Texas Cherokee Tsalagiyi Nvdagi. She has a ministry named "Visions of Victory", she is an author, and singer. Her book "Unraveled and made whole again" is available here at this link.

Your host Pastor Belinda Owens. International speaker and author. Belinda pastors fulltime along side her husband Rusty at the Glory Barn Branson. You can find her books on Amazon. Her books range from teaching spiritual gifts on a child's level, to adult Kingdom living books on ministering with angels.

    "My desire is to provide an atmosphere for the dove of the Holy Spirit to land on and stay. I pray to be closer to the Father than ever, drawing those who are hungry to Him." - Pastor Belinda

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