Tree of Deborah 2022 

Our Tree of Deborah conference for 2022 will be Oct. 21, 22, 23. That is a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What a wonderful time in the beautiful Ozarks, hearing God, and a time of refreshing.


International speakers for 2022 are

Rona Spiropoulos, Friede Taylor, Deborah Williams and our host

Pastor Belinda Owens

This year we will be hosting a healing room for those wanting to receive ministry for special needs. We will have a sign up sheet at the registration table for specific times. Prayer will still be offered at the end of each meeting and as the Lord leads.

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New at the conference this year!


Meet our speakers for 

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Deborah Williams was called to preach as a child and loved Jesus wholeheartedly. Yet, a bitter divorce left her feeling condemned by the Church, bereft of God, and determined to take her own life. However, the Lord miraculously intervened. Suddenly, after a lifetime of serving religion she knew God, knew He loved her, and was led into a revelation study of the Old Testament which served to confirm her call as a Prophetess, when as yet, she was clueless to the meaning of the word. 

For the next 27 years she carried such titles as International Evangelist, General Church Evangelist and Senior Pastor, because the denomination to which God sent her to serve, only gave lip service to the Prophetic. In 2010, God released her from denominations and called her to nursing. There she brought compassion and healing to her patients, one person at a time. 

A few years later, God added a wonderful husband to her life, Michael Jones. He stood by her when the Lord told her to retire from nursing and start a YouTube channel in July 2020. Through it, God has enabled Deborah to reach the nations of the World. The “Midnight Cry with Deborah” YouTube channel has also been picked up by Voice of Hope Radio and is being broadcast throughout Israel, the Middle East and all of Africa, via short-wave radio.

Deborah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Lee University, and an Associate Degree Nursing as a Registered Nurse at Beaufort County Community College. Michael is a US Army Veteran and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Baylor University, Waco, TX.

She longs to see the Remnant, God’s Ekklesia growing up into full stature, using their gifts and callings to bring in a world-wide harvest end time harvest. 


                     Friede McDonald Taylor

She is an international speaker and author of  "From Hitler's Army to the Cross of Christ and Beyond..." Friede has ministered Mozambique, Tanzania, Philippines, and Cuba with Leif Hetlan. She has also ministered across the United States and the UK with her late husband Jack Taylor. Friede is a spiritual mother to many and a powerful testimony of the Kingdom.  


                     Rona Spiropoulos 

     Rona is an international speaker and author of "The Blood: Entrance into the Supernatural". She has just completed her second book, "Spirit Life Beyond the Veil", which will be available soon and should be available at the conference.

        Rona had a powerful face-to-face encounter with the blood of Jesus in a supernatural visitation many years ago, when she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. During this encouter she received amazing revelations about the power of Jesus' blood. As Rona ministers it is evident that she has truly encountered the power of Jesus!


Our host Pastor, Belinda Owens

International speaker and author of numerus books on Kingdom living. Belinda has been a Christian since the age of 7yrs. Raised in a greyhound bus, traveling across the US in ministry with her parents. She has served as fulltime pastor, missionary and is CEO of Eagle' Nest Ministries. She serves as lead pastor along side her husband, Rusty Owens at Glory Barn in Branson, MO. She has a blog on FaceBook and YouTube called @MomentswithPastorBelinda that brings healing, deliverance, encouragement & prayer.

Belinda's books teach on subjects from supernatural adventures in the prayer realm to ministering with the angelic host on an adult level and she writes children's books about Kingdom living. Pastor Belinda leads those who desire to be successful in Kingdom living.

     "It is our desire to be acquainted with His presence, here and now". - Pastor Belinda

This is a free conference. We ask for you to register so we will know how many to plan for. A free lunch will be served on Saturday at noon. Though we direct this conference toward the ladies, men are welcome to attend. 

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Tree of Deborah 2022 "Roar" conference...
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Thank you for registering! We look forward to seeing you there!

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