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Our Ministries


Our Lead Pastors

Rusty & Belinda Owens are the lead pastors here at the Glory Barn. They have been in ministry since 1980. Rusty & Belinda both are authors, they have served as worship leaders, teachers and pastors to many internationally and locally. 

     - Author Belinda Owens - 

Belinda is an author of numerous books written for children and adults covering kingdom principles.  . Belinda's books put supernatural gifts on a child's level and equip adults to function within the Kingdom.

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Eagle's Nest Ministries - Our missions 
Rusty & Belinda Owens are founders of Eagle's Nest Ministries.

Mexico Missions
We work directly with Pastor Hector & Senda de Vida located in Reynosa, and Oaxaca, Mexico, and serve on the missions board. 
Sende de Vida #2 houses approx. 2,000 immigrants. All of the work here under the direction of Pastor Hector Silva de Luna, is operated on faith. That means they pray in provision each month. God causes men to give so that others may eat, have housing, and receive physical and spiritual care while they are at the Sende #1 and Sende #2 camps.

if you would like to give to the ministry in Mexico you can do so thru PayPal click the donate button below

or mail a check to Eagle’s Nest Ministries, P O Box 6962, Branson, MO. 65615. Be sure and write in your memo “Mexico”.   

Outrageou Grace
Outrageous Grace

Power | Prophetic | Passion. Inspiration & Secrets to Living the Outrageous Life! Learn how to live an outrageously good life in grace and power! Shelia is one of our Associate Pastors here at the Glory Barn and has done ministry in England, Ireland, Mexico, Jamaica and Africa. Visit Outrageous Grace @


Brenda Coe Flag Ministry
Cleft of the Rock Flag Ministry

Cleft of the Rock - flag ministry is led by Brenda Coe. All are welcome to join in while Brenda and the team do a little extra bringing symbolism and beauty to worship. Brenda and the team have ministered locally and abroad to other countries.

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