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The Smoke of the Incense

- Pastor Rusty - Feb. 2, 2024

“And he shall take a censer full of burning coals of fire from off the altar before the LORD, and his hands full of sweet incense beaten small, and bring it within the veil: And he shall put the incense upon the fire before the LORD, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy seat that is upon the testimony, that he die not:” Lev. 16:12-13

There was an elegant system in place when the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies beyond the second view. First, he could only do this once a year during the Day of Atonement. Second, he was required to bring blood… the blood of a young bull, that was for the atonement of himself and his house. 🤔 Third, he was to bring a handful of incense and a censer that was full of coals from the fire that burned perpetually at the Brazen Altar in the courtyard. When he approached the Mercy seat, he we place the incense on the coals of fire in the golden censer and smoke would fill the Holiest of Holies. He did this so that he would not die. 🤔 The fragrance of the smoke of the burning incense would be upon his garments. Wow. To many pretend that they have been in the Holy Place, but their garments don’t have the fragrance of incense on them. To many ministers preach without the fragrance of the incense on their garments. To many teachers, teach without the smell of incense on their garments. We have theologians explaining God without the fragrance of incense on their garments. To many prophets prophecy without the smell of incense on their garments. You ask, “How do you get the smell of incense on your garments?” Well… when you figure it out you can rectify that. “Holy Father, help the bride find the golden Altar, and begin to offer incense day and night, night and day, continually in the Holy place. In el nombré de Jesus! Amen!” Pastor Rusty

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mando rodarte
mando rodarte
Feb 02

Excellent exhortation

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