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💥Wild Faith💥blog 8 “Drop the baby!”

- Pastor Belinda🌹- June 27th, 2024

We have covered several scriptures and examples of 💥wild faith💥 over the past 7 blogs. I don’t believe we could ever cover all there is to “faith” because it is continuously growing. The more faith that is released the more we see happen. There is no limit. No one but Jesus, has achieved it all! I have seen in my visits into the heavenly realm, that even when we arrive in heaven, we will continue to learn, and grow in our spirit man. We don’t just sit on clouds! There is so much to learn beyond our knowledge. In Luke 17:5 The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” We need to ask the Lord to also increase our faith. When he places you in the position where you need faith, listen to him and do as he says. Don’t miss it! I remember reading many faith stories from great leaders of faith. One in particular stands out to me. Maybe because I can relate to being in a foreign field in a prayer line, asking God for miracles. I read in a book where a missionary was ministering in an area of Muslim believers. As the minister called for people to come forward to see God’s healing power a woman handed him her child. The child was crippled and could even stand. The people wanted to see if this man’s gospel was real. They watched intently as he took the child. As he held the child and prayed that God would show up and heal this child, he was thinking, Lord if you don’t show up we are in trouble! As he stood there he heard God say “drop the baby”. The minister with him said “what is God saying?” The minister said “God told me to drop the baby!” As he opened his hands and let go of the baby the child was instantly healed before it hit the platform!!!! I am not sure I could have “dropped the baby!” Could you? We all want to see God’s miracle power but we lack the guts to put ourselves in the place of activating a miracle. The church has come to a place where we hide behind the phrase “let it be God’s will” mostly because we aren’t worried about God’s will but we are afraid of asking and nothing happening! Let’s lose our pride and reach for the supernatural power of 💥wild faith💥!

To activate 💥wild faith💥 swing for the fences!

Pastor Belinda🌹

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