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🐅 “Wild Side”🐅

- June 7, 2024

As I lay on my bed in prayer I asked the Lord to let me see my mom there in heaven. I saw a rock bridge like you would see in England or Wales. It arched over a stream. I then saw my mom. She was wearing a white rob with bell sleeves. There were real silver decorations on the edges of the sleeves. She was raising her arms talking to someone. As I looked I realized it was my aunt, my mom”s little sister, who had been murdered in her prime. I have never seen Rita, my aunt, in heaven and there she was talking with my mom!

Then I asked the Lord “where’s my dad?’ I then saw my dad as he walked into a building. He was at a conference and I felt like Smith Wigglesworth was teaching. It’s different in heaven, you don’t have to use words to know something or say something. It is just there in your thoughts.

I asked the Lord, “May I also see Cameron?” It had been a little while since I saw him. I then turned and I saw Cameron, our son, setting on a rock wall. It was different because everything looked like a coloring book outline, I wasn’t seeing any color. As I saw Cameron his head was turned toward a celebration coming down the street. He did not know I saw him. Something was coming and it was huge!

I looked and it was the couple from Haiti who were murdered. The young lady was dancing and laughing and in “ah” at the sites she was seeing. Her robe was special, it looked like it was made out of diamonds! Her husband was beside her rejoicing! They were so over joyed that they had made it home! There were angles and small creatures dancing around them! I asked God what was happening and He said “ This is a parade of martyrs. They are on their way to see their names in the Hall of Martyrs.” I said “Lord why am I only seeing black and white like a coloring book?” He said “in this celebration, the celebration of martyrs, the colors are so bright and vivid beyond anything you could imagine, I had to do this to shelter your eyes”. I said “why did I see Rita?”He said “because she was taken before her time.” Then I asked why was Cameron here? He said “because he was taken before his time.” I said, “how about my mom?” He said, “her life was cut short because of the cancer. Those who lives were cut short were included in watching the parade.” I couldn’t believe the joy on the young couples’ faces! The excitement at seeing all that heaven had for them. The Lord said “they have paid the ultimate price.”

Heaven is honoring them! -

- Pastor Belinda 🐅on the wild side🐅

Vision was given on June 3rd, 2024

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