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“Divine appointments”

- Pastor Belinda 🌹- Sept. 18, 2023

If you held the key that would unlock the chains that have enslaved someone wouldn’t you?

If you could pray a prayer and bring deliverance to a vexed person, wouldn’t you?

If you could keep a person from spending an eternity in hell, wouldn’t you?

God has given you the key to do just that! He has equipped you and wants to engage you in people’s lives that you come in contact with.

If a person is possessed or vexed you have the ability to deliver them.

If that problem is mental, say it is from birth, or it is caused from a chemical imbalance, then you have the ability to bring peace to their mind. Jesus will calm them and bring comfort to their mind and healing to the body.

We can cast out demons, and we can calm a mental defect.

As we entered into a restaurant the other night there was a young lady setting in the curb. A man was with her trying to comfort her. It seemed as though she was having a seizure of some kind. I didn’t have an interaction during that to tell if it was demonic or not. I went on into the restaurant. As we sat there waiting for a table she came walking in with the man who was helping her. She looked at me and pointed at me. She said she was sorry if she had scared me and my granddaughter, I assured her she hadn’t and it was fine. She said “I like your shirt”. Ya oh could tell she was still having some kind of problem. I prayed under my breath that if I was to pray for her, she would ask me to hug her. She said “ I like your shirt, you can hug me if you want to”. I knew this was my sign so I hugged her and prayed. I prayed that God would help her. I prayed that if it was demonic that it had to go in the name of Jesus. I prayed for healing that the seizures would stop. Then I let her go and set back down. It was a point of contact. It was a point of releasing the Father over this young lady. That the Holy Spirit would go with her and complete the healing. It was that simple. I didn’t have to make it happen, I just had to release Jesus into the situation.

As you go about your day be ready to release the Lord into peoples lives. You will be surprised that it will happen anytime, anywhere. God wants ti help the people in your life. Let Him use you.

Divine appointments,

Pastor Belinda🌹

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Picture from Pixabay copyright free.

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