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Jehovah Rapha

"He said, 'If you will diligently obey the Lord your God, and do what is right in His sight, and pay attention to His commandments, and keep His statutes, then all the diseases I brought on the Egyptians I will not bring on you, for I, the Lord, am your healer.' " Exo. 15:26

Exodus 15:26 is where we are introduced to Jehova Rapha, (The LORD our healer). This introduction takes place before they reach Mt. Sinai, and before there is a law. This is before God reveals Himself unto them at Mt. Sinai. ((Exo.19). This is the LORD'S (Jehova's) opening volley of revelatory knowledge to the Children of Israel coming out of Egypt is that He will be their healer (Rapha). This is where we get the meaning for the name of the archangel Raphael. (The Lord heals). The angel Christian lore believes to be the angel mentioned in John chapter five at the pool of Bethesda. We serve a healing God,that wishes to make Himself known in this season. Before covid 19 was, God Is! And He is Jehova Rapha. God bless you and heal you, Amen!

Pastor Rusty

# יְהֹוָה רָפָאJehovahRapha



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