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God is the God of Miracles! We have experienced His amazing healing power and great favor especially in our family over the past few months!

Our only son Timo was dropped off at Cox Hospital in Branson on April 10, 2023, just nine-days after his 49th birthday, and he was fighting for his life! His heart was off the charts, literally, and he could barely breathe!

I received a call from CCU to tell me he was in that Unit and when I got there, the nurse couldn't look me in the eye! When I stopped at her desk to ask about him, I could tell she was concerned that I'd be disappointed if she told me everything. She did say his heart is functioning at about 15%, and I said, "God's got this! He'll be fine!"

So with a confidence I didn't necessarily feel, but a Faith with which I am well-acquainted, I walked into Timo's room. I was reminded even then, that my God specializes in things thought impossible!

I know that too many have been praying for Timo for too many years with so much faith in the God Who still works signs, wonders and miracles; and that my God was not through working in our son's life.

For the next five-days we had our ups and downs, and he had a couple of close calls, but folks from around the world were crying out for his life. And on that Saturday evening, he walked out of the hospital and into our home!

Everything is being made new! When Timo walked away from everything he had, including his companion and best friend, Dozer (his dog); I knew he was seriously wanting change in his life!

God has miraculously worked to meet all his medical needs, he's our chief cook and he's grown a patio garden this summer. Holy Spirit has given such peace and confidence in the provisions for everything for which we have need.

This past Monday and Tuesday (Aug.21-22,2023) we were with some of the top heart specialists in the nation at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St.Louis. They have agreed to take Timothy as a patient, and just the few adjustments his primary doctor made this week are already making tremendous differences in his body and helping him rest. Yes, we know the God Who CAN‼️

As Bro. Bill Beall prayed for him - "Nothing is impossible with Our God! He can restore the old and make it brand new, and He has for thousands of years, put "new hearts" in us❣️

🙏🏼 Father, You alone know exactly what Timo needs, and we thank You that You are healing his heart ❤️ and restoring him to fulfill his destiny in this the Earth!

"And Our God shall supply all of our needs, according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus!" (Phil.4:19)

❤️ Our God is still doing miracles today‼️ He wants to work a Miracle in you❣️ Praise the Lord‼️


(Recent picture of Timothy Artt with his sons, Duncan and Titus-with his wife Ashley) ----------------

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Stepdek llc
Stepdek llc
Aug 27, 2023

Praise the LORD!

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