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Speak life!

- Pastor Belinda🌹 - July 27, 2023

Jesus is life. He brings life. He gives life. We were in the mountains of Nicaragua and a lady came to us with her daughter. Her daughter was a grown lady and she was obviously pregnant. Her daughter begin to tell us that her baby hadn’t moved in several weeks. There was a concern because she was far enough along that it should have been moving a lot. They knew something was wrong. I laid my hands on her tummy and spoke life into her baby in the name of Jesus. After a while, I saw the grandma who said that the baby was moving again! Thank you, Jesus! You can speak life into your situation.

I do know that if someone is sick you need to pray “health” over them. If someone is dying, you need to pray for “life” over them. God has the final say in all situations, but as a believer, it is for us to speak life!

Not everyone gets healed, it’s not your place to make it happen, but it is your place to speak healing. We open the door for the supernatural to activate. When you walk into the room you bring heaven into the situation. What do I bring to the table in this? I bring the host of heaven. I bring the angels assigned to minister with the sons of man. I am to release life. When? Every time. It’s the same for you or any believer that is willing and walking with the King of Kings. Activate and bring the Kingdom of the Most High God into the situation by speaking life, by faith! Death is not the victor when God walks into the room!

Not everyone gets healed, but we can’t stop praying for healing. Likewise, not everyone receives salvation, but we keep presenting the good news. Speak life, always!

Acts 17:25 …nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything since He gives to all people life and breath and all things;

In your Christian walk, always swing for the fences! Then watch God work!

Pastor Belinda🌷

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