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The air is clear! -

Pastor Belinda🌹- Oct. 12, 2023

This word came from the Lord during prayer last Friday night.

“Now that the air is clear, listen. Listen for what I will tell you. I hold the keys to those who are trapped, those who can’t find a way out.

There is a time to act and with my words you will be able to break the strong holds within my people. It is well time that relief is available. To long my people have ignored the things with in them. There was no one to bring the key, no one to bring deliverance. Once the shade has been lifted they will be awakened. They will see the things they are missing.”

I want to encourage you to press in. To listen to the Lord as He speaks. We will be used to bring freedom if we are obedient and allow the Lord to clear our air. To clear out things we have buried and have learnt to just live with. He will reward obedience and truth. Let Him mold you for the roll he has for you to play in such a time as this!

Pastor Belinda🌹

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