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“The breadbasket“

- Sept.29, 2023 - Pastor Rusty

“Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten.” John 6:13

I heard the Lord say a few years ago that the Ozarks would be as the land of Goshen before His eyes. So goes Egypt not so goes Goshen. 🤔 We have an assignment for this season and an Identity to go with it. There is a growing prayer culture in our region that is supporting this. For all the broken eagles that fly into our region, they can become frustrated if all they experience is church paradigm when they are able to be plugged into a prophetic prayer culture that is able to nurture broken eagles. Wednesday morning at one of these prophetic prayer gatherings we began to pray that the Lord would turn the Branson (region) into a healing hub for the nation. My spirit immediately came into agreement with this. As I began to pray into this, in the spirit I saw a basket full of bread on the floor. After this someone spoke of a basket of provision for the healing room of Branson. We all agreed that one of God’s assignment over this region is that One day people were going to come to this region for healing. But I believe God has even greater design than this. God is going to make this region of the Ozarks a breadbasket to the nation and subsequently the nations. People already come into this region to visit only to leave with clarity of mind. We don’t function with the “widespread” dysphoria that has embedded itself elsewhere. Common sense seems to still be the order of the day. The word of God is going to go out from this region to feed a hungry nation. There was a time 40 years ago when Tulsa Oklahoma was a breadbasket for the nation and it’s effect was far and wide. God is going to do something similar here in the Ozarks, but it’s not going to be just one part filling the bill even now there are many parts already in place to be seen by a discerning eye. Pray into these institutions as God reveals to you their significance to His plan. There are many prophetic tells over this area alone that are signs of a latterday significance. If the Ozarks is His Goshen then Branson is at the heart. Consider all the dams and power sources that come out of this part of the Ozarks. The fact that we are a power supply to the region that strategically significant. Another subtle prophetic significance is the cold waters of Taneycomo. Taneycomo sits some eighty-feet below TableRock Lake and is fed by the bottom waters of TableRock Lake. We have emmediate access to the deep waters that run through the heart of Branson via the remnant of the old White River basin we call Taneycomo. This river of deep water flows right through the revived business district at the end of Main Street. God is going to expose us to the deep waters of Heaven and cause us to drink from one river again as in the Garden of God. In the process He is going to make us a breadbasket for the nation. I know some outside this region may take umbrage to these statements and if so be sure to make your complaint to the Lord. Let us pray, “Father prepare us for what’s coming, good or bad, help us to accept our assignment and what role we are to play in this season and the one yet to be revealed. Like Peter help us accept our role (John 21:20-22) in the scheme of things to come. In Jesus name, amen.” Pastor Rusty.

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