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The scroll of habitation

- Pastor Belinda🌹- May 6, 2024

As I lay on my bed to go to sleep I started praying. I immediately went into the “war room” in heaven. I took my seat and looked over the room. They were in a discussion over Israel. There was strategy and plans being made which I won’t discuss here.

When I had a chance to speak I asked “when will miracles be released in the church?” I said “we need them to draw people to the power of a living God.” I then saw a scroll. It came forward to me and inserted like a shell inserts into a shotgun. It clicked in side me as I was told “ the time is coming. The scroll of visitation is fixing to open.” I then asked “is there a key to healing cancer? Is there a way I can take those keys and bring healing against cancer.? It robs and kills people before their time.” I asked if there is a certain way of addressing it? Could I receive that info?”

Then I said “ years ago a short blue muscular angel appeared beside my bed. He came up to me and placed a blue scroll to my ear. He then hit the end of the scroll and popped it into my ear going all the way in. I could see the writing on it was another language. I asked “ I have never found out what the scroll was”. That’s when Papa Jack Taylor stepped forward where I could see him. I had shared with Papa years ago about this “war room” and what takes place there in heaven. I told he of Moses and David being among the elders at the end of the table. Now there he was standing at the end of the table where the elders stand. Among them are David, and Moses, and now Papa Jack! As he came forward he said “ it is a scroll of habitation. It will be a part of your ministry. You haven’t been able to access the contents yet. But now you are ready.” With that being said it broke off and I laid there and worshiped until I fell asleep.

A time of habitation is upon us! God is shifting things in the heavens and an out pouring of his power will be manifest on the earth. Get in, don’t stand in the edge. You do not want to miss out and you don’t want to play catch up because you waited. Get in 100% and yield to the Lord!

Pastor Belinda 🌹

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